Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rude, Stupid or The End Of Civilization?

There is plenty to find fault with in the world today but high on my top 10 list of peaves are cell phones. My irritation with them has been growing for some time with annoying ringing in restaurants and public places, crazy ring tones and just general "disturbing the peace" by careless users. Today was my weekly visit to Pappadeax Seafood for a relaxing late lunch. Being seated right beside me to my left were two young ladies, one of which her cell phone rang as she was entering the dining room. She proceeded to talk right through receiving the menu, ordering her food, having their drinks, appetizers and all the way into and through the meal. After the check came she finally (thank God) hung up, and then by golly her dinner companion's phone goes off and then she began to chatter away. This entire charade continued even as they finished paying. They walked away with her still talking on the phone. Am I just plain nuts or is this insanity?

My own policy is to either turn my phone off or on vibrate. Many times I just leave it at home or in the car. After all, your guest is who you came to spend time with and talk to was it not?

I would take offense if I took time to be with you and you sat and talked on the phone the entire time we were together, not to mention the people around you don't really enjoy hearing your phone ring playing the first verse of Jingle Bells at ear-splitting volume while you poke around your purse looking for your phone.

Long before we even had cell phones we had voice mail. Unless mom's in the ER on life support there is no reason why you can't just silence it and let whomever leave a voice mail.

Wake up folks! It's time to talk to the person with you rather than chattering on the phone with others who just have nothing to do.

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