Thursday, June 24, 2010

Peanut Butter Bacon Blondies

Of all the terrible and sinful things I have done in my lifetime, making this gets a rating.  As if Brownies and Blondies aren't calorific enough! Well 6 strips of Maple Bacon in the batter and 6 strips decorating the top amounts to major overload! And I thought Crack Pie was bad.  WOW  this is truly an amazing and delicious treat.  All the credit goes to my dear blogger friend Jessica who came up with this amazing concoction.  If you are looking for ways to have your ministry grow (pun) subscribe to her blog.  She will have you laughing and crying and share some interesting stories and delicious recipes.  I am an avid fan and as you can see she is beautiful and thin*  I always said never trust a thin chef, however she does break tradition on that one.

*A workout maven (fitness trainer) who probably NEEDS the calories and had them burned off by noon anyway.  Don't you just hate her already?

(Love you Jessica!)

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