Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Classic Pound Cake

Since I have been on a quest for the best pound cake I have made dozens or recipes and decided to research the origin.  Interestingly enough they date back to the 1700's and got the name quite simply.  The name (Pound Cake) comes from the fact that the original pound cakes contained one pound each of butter, sugar, eggs, and flour. No leaveners were used other than the air whipped into the batter. In the days when many people couldn't read, this simple convention made it simple to remember recipes.  This was not my favorite by a long shot.  I simply wanted to try it since it was a centuries old recipe. I had flashbacks to the store bought pound cakes from my youth that you almost choked on because they were so dry.  This was not the case but I would definately eat this one slowly with a cup of coffee just in case.

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